Town of Rochester, MA

Board of Assessors

Board of Assessors
  • Jana G. Cavanaugh
  • Diana Knapp
  • Debra Lalli

Office Staff
  • Shirley DelLima
  • Debra Lalli
  • Charles Shea
Meeting Schedule: Tuesday Nights - (5:00 pm)

Phone: 508-763-5250

Office Hours:
  • Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Rochester GIS Parcel Viewer

View: Rochester GIS Parcel Viewer

The Town of Rochester is pleased to present to the residents and visitors alike, a mapping tool called MapGeo.

This tool enables the user to review any lot in the Town for informational purposes. This site allows the user to view the following attributes: assessor's parcel field card information, water features, topography, land conservation, resource protection areas, wetland location and more. The site offers a basemap and an aerial map (2011).

Lastly, the user can print maps with legends, scales and the information that has been selected.

Links to some help documentation can be found below.

Rochester Board of Assessors – Online Maps – (PDF format)

To view individual town maps, follow these steps:

1) Click this Key Map link to view all of the town's maps on the Key Map.

2) Identify the map number that applies to the area of the town that is of interest.

3) Return to this list of maps & click map number of interest to open that particular map.